Uganda Travel Tips.


Visas are now mandatory for most Nationals and should be procured prior to travel, at pretty US$30.00 per person. Visas are also obtainable upon arrival at the airport at a fore-mentioned cost.

About Weather

The climate in Uganda is conducive all year round, with daytime temperatures generally ranging between 24-280C. It cools down considerably at night, though for a jersey, but woolens are not necessary. The heavens open twice a year, in October/November (short rains) and mid-March to end of May.

The weather is not increment during the rainy season as it rains for an hour or two and the rest of the day is clear and sunny. It is therefore no reason to postpone travel.


Yellow Fever vaccinations are mandatory and anti-malaria tablets during the rainy season are recommended. Most prescribes drugs can be purchased affordably and with ease from the many drug shops in Kampala and other major towns, although personal insurance is advised.

There is currently one international Airport located at Entebbe. A number of airlines of international repute like KLM, British Airways, Kenya Airways, Egypt Air and Ethiopian Airways, fly directly to Entebbe. Most major towns have an Airstrip, as do National parks and Game Reserves. Airport tax is included in your flight fare.
Official Language

English is the official language, although Luganda, Swahili and many other local dialects are also widely spoken and understood.

Uganda Shillings. It is prudent for one to carry American Dollars whose series do not go beyond 2000, Travelers Che ques or any hard currency. The capital city Kampala and other major towns are replete with Banks and Forex bureaus. Credit cards are admissible in major hotels and restaurants although it is prudent for one to carry cash up country.

Pack light-since laundry facilities are available throughout one’s safari. Remember one has 20 Kgs limit and 30 Kgs for first and Club class travelers when returning from East Africa. If your itinerary includes any flying in Private Charter, you are restricted to a maximum of 20 Kgs, including hand luggage

Resort Beach Hotels in Entebbe

The Lake Victoria Serena Resort.
Lutembe Beach Resort
Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

Garuga Country Lake Resort

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