Camp Entebbe

Camp Entebbe is a conveniently located budget accommodation closest to Entebbe International Airport as well as the Old Entebbe Airport being a few hundred metres away and is strategically close to the Kitoro Shopping Centre for all our guests shopping and banking needs suitable for Backpackers.

The hotel has quality accommodation in three different styles: cottages, apartments and a hostel.
The cottages and apartments are private – ensuite (shower and toilet) while those of the hostel share common bathrooms and toilets.
The cottages are round hut structures built along the traditional African hut design and the apartments are three separate single storeyed cottage block structures with private rooms at the top and bottom where as the hostel is a modern 4 bedroomed single story family home that was converted into a guest hostel.


•Camping – US$15- per person per night.
•Single Rooms – US$25- per room per night.
•Double Room – US$30- per room per night.
•Twin Room – US$35- per room per night.

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Entebbe Rd, Kampala Uganda
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